Little Spending on Principle
“If I had $100,000 to put towards this campaign I would … make sure all the food banks were stocked before I would … use the money on the political campaign.” – Ron Little, The Herald-Mail

Hagerstown Marches for Trayvon Martin
See how Hagerstown, Maryland came together for a peaceful march to raise awareness of the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. Photos by Brother Andy with Speak Up Community News, Hagerstown, MD.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
To all the citizens, supporters, volunteers, friends, and family – THANK YOU for such a wonderful experience during this primary season. You all made this Congressional race fun, enjoyable, and a pleasure to just be a part of it. Despite the results of the election, I will continue to be part of the CD6 community – working for a better future for all of us in western Maryland.

With the deepest gratitude and sincerity,
Ron Little

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NBC News Channel 4 profiles CD6 Democratic Candidates

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